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John Malouff: Foolish actions can have life-changing consequences | Town & Country Magazine



People can be dopes. If you stormed a capitol with a murderous mob would you livestream yourself? Various Americans did in the Capitol insurrection. They are facing job loss, huge legal fees, and years in prison.

If you murdered someone, would you write a novel in which you describe exactly how you committed the murder? Krystian Bala did.

Bala murdered a merchant he thought was having an affair with Bala’s wife. The police had no good clues, no suspect.

Three years later, Bala wrote his first novel, Amok, in which he described how he committed the murder.

At about the same time the police uncovered a few physical clues pointing to Bala. He is now in prison. The book was later made into a movie, so don’t criticise him too much.

If you…

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